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Veterans Affairs Home Loans

If you’re having difficulty making your mortgage payments on a Veterans Affairs (VA) home loan, you have several options available.* 

VA home loan options

Repayment plans
If your VA home loan is past due for one, two or three payments because of a temporary financial setback, you may qualify for a repayment plan. You must be able to make the monthly loan payment and pay an additional amount toward the past due amount each month until the loan is brought current.

Forbearance agreement
If you can’t make a loan payment or you’re more than four payments behind on your loan, you may qualify for a Forbearance Agreement. This formal repayment plan may extend more than three months. You’ll need to complete a Financial Analysis Form and send us copies of your last two pay stubs to verify your income.

VA refunding
If you don’t qualify for a Repayment Plan or a Forbearance Agreement, the Department of Veterans Affairs may be willing to purchase your loan from us. You’ll need to contact your VA Regional Loan Office for more information on the VA Refunding program.

Short sale
If you wish to sell your property, but the net proceeds from the sale won’t pay off your loan and you can’t afford to pay the shortage, the VA may allow you to sell your home without paying the entire amount due. You’ll need to complete a Financial Analysis Form and send us a letter requesting a short sale.

Deed in lieu (DIL) of foreclosure
If you don’t qualify for any of the other previous alternatives and you don’t have any additional liens against your property, you may be able to deed the property directly to VA to avoid foreclosure. You’ll need to complete a Financial Analysis Form and send us a letter requesting the DIL.

* IMPORTANT: There may be additional qualifications not mentioned here due to space limitations. Please contact our DefaultDepartment at 1-866-350-8884 for more details.


Programs (including, without limit, fees, rates and features) are subject to change without notice.

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